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Better service through cooperation

Wirma is responsible for relocation services in the region, but we do not do this work alone. We are assisted by a large number of cooperation partners who provide us with support for the needs of a business relocating here. Our customers value our approach where we bring a service solution that covers all public forms of subsidy within the customer's reach. We are genuinely interested in ensuring that all the affairs of an enterprise relocating here are handled as effortlessly as possible, and that the networks required can easily be built.

Companies that have relocated here have found our extensive collaboration networks to be valuable support during their relocation and also an important factor when making the decision to relocate. Right from the beginning, our partners supporting such businesses have facilitated and expedited relocation here and have inspired confidence as the companies considered where to relocate. The following parties are at your service together with Wirma: the City, the TE Office, the University and various educational institutions, Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation – and also many private service providers. There is power in cooperation!

Wirma's experts are familiar with the business environment in the region and know how to refer you directly to the right persons – this saves you time and effort. Wirma's relocation services stand out from the rest through active service and expertise.
- Kari Haaja, Project Manager, Divest Group Oy