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Lappeenranta – unbeatable location, first class logistical connections

Thanks to its geographical location, logistical connections and service infrastructure, Lappeenranta offers an excellent base for companies looking for growth. Situated by the largest inland waterway in Europe and close to the border with Russia, the city offers exciting business opportunities, a high standard of living and a first rate holiday destination. Its location halfway between two metropolises, St. Petersburg and Helsinki, offers the local companies a safe and secure business environment with a huge market of over eight million consumers. International logistical connections by road, air, rail and water with the region’s six border crossing points further enhance the commercial attractiveness of Lappeenranta.

The Lappeenranta economic region has recorded significant growth in recent years, thanks to international investments and rising visitor numbers. Its proximity to the Russian border has also served to attract manufacturing activity. More than 500 Russian businesses also operate in the area and the number of knowledge-based and manufacturing sector businesses is rising steadily.  The city’s international orientation translates into growth across nearly all sectors of the economy.

Lappeenranta can be reached by car, by train, by airplane or by water

Lappeenranta’s international airport is a gateway to Europe and to the rest of the world. The airport enjoys a central location close to the city and can handle 300,000–500,000 passengers each year. 

As a rail hub, Lappeenranta offers excellent links to the rest of Finland and further on to Russia. St. Petersburg can be reached in just 90 minutes by the high speed train Allegro.

The Saimaa Canal allows access by water to Europe’s sea ports and beyond.

Highways 6 and 13 meet in Lappeenranta, making it accessible by high-quality roads from elsewhere in Finland as well as St. Petersburg.