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Lappeenranta  - the place to go for growth

Lappeenranta is famous for its stunning lakeside location, the friendliness of its people and its long tradition as a hub of industrial activity. Today, it is also a popular holiday destination  and  a  green  technology  forerunner. Thanks to its excellent transport links, the city’s industrial and commercial sectors are thriving. Because of its location close to the Finnish-Russian border, it is an excellent base for international trade, particularly towards the east.

  • University city – world-class research and highly skilled workforce for the benefit of businesses
  • Why to invest in LappeenrantaGrowing city – grow with us
  • Unique location along EU’s border with Russia
  • Green technology trailblazer and energy business cluster
  • Student city – university students make up one tenth of the entire population
  • European biotechnology and forest industry capital
  • Commercial hub of southeastern Finland – offering full range of services for businesses and their personnel
  • Attracting numerous investments