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LaserVoimaa - Laser Power

Alexander ended up living in Finland through a series of coincidences and decisions. Back in the days his job in Russia took Alexander to a PAPA-FOR –fair where he run into an exhibition stand by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). He stopped by to chat with the representatives of the university for a while. At the time, studying and self-development were encouraged in his homeland, and after discussing for a while at the stand a decision began to form. He decided to apply for LUT to study. He moved into Lappeenranta in 2009. He was accepted as student to LUT’s Laboratory of Laser Processing. 

In June 2015 he established a company called LaserVoima, which offers laser cutting services and related consulting to companies, communities and individual people. The idea for such a business formed quite naturally combining his competence, studies, work history and area of interest. “I like working for this industry and with lasers. Laser cutting can be applied to many things – for even such everyday uses as cards and design / patterns. My company and the laser cutting service it offers I can for example help artists to bring their visions alive.  I can also offer sm-enterprises as well as bigger companies the service of cutting some components – the laser cutting technology can be used to cut plywood, wood, paper, plastics and metals. I can also offer consulting services for bigger companies if they need knowledge in laser cutting in general.”  Alexander tells. He mentions that from his point of view it is easiest if the customer provides the drawings and the material, but LaserVoima also provides services related to these.

“The path to entrepreneurship has in a way been long” he says. “I have been thinking about starting my own company always, maybe even my whole life. The thought of  being independent, be responsible  about my work and other dimensions of my working to myself, affecting my own wellbeing by working for myself – all of these I was thinking about even before establishing my company. The idea kind of caught on for real, when I started going through my options for post-graduating from LUT. I decided that I want to try this now – not regret that I didn’ t even try. I like working with laser cutting and I like Lappeenranta – so why not start a business and employ myself in Lappeenranta.”

When planning entrepreneurship Alexander aimed at outlining possible risks and minimizing them, so that the actual beginning of business operations would go as smoothly as possible. At planning phase Alexander received a good deal of support and help from LUT, with whose technology and premises the service is also provided.  He also received advice and information from business advisors and customer service in Wirma Lappeenranta Oy and tax office. “I was able to discuss my idea with people from Wirma. Usually You see only the positive sides of Your own idea, and a realistic discussion of my idea guided me to think about my business idea from also another perspectives. Receiving this kind of help, when someone else is examining your ideas and capabilities, is crucial and this is great that it is available at Wirma. 

Starting a company in Finland is not very difficult. However when starting a company, You are faced with situations when You need to make choices which affect Your business later on. For these situations it is good to get support and information. The information is probably available on the internet also, but when You don’t know exactly what to look You can waste valuable time when doing this. With help of Wirma I was able to get answers fast and easily. Tax office provided also very good service for me.”

“Finland offers good opportunities for business start-ups: good infrastructure, potential customers, well-being ... Everything that is needed to generate business is here. Some may have the "American Dream" - why not a Finnish dream. We can all make a difference - by strengthening and improving the business field, we also affect the viability of the region.”

In the future LaserVoima will offer a high quality service depending on customer needs. Alexander also wants to develop the service further, to grow the company and employ others. He also wants to keep up with the laser cutting technology and application areas related to development work and thus be able to continuously offer better service to customers.